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Our dining set is a natural finish with fully woodenchairs.

Available in 2 table sizes:- 200cm (pictured) and 175cm.

Part of an exciting range of dining and occasional furniture bought in bulk so we can offer them at these fantastically low prices.
Constructed from beautiful rich rosewood which is complemented by the clean lines and modern design this is a stunning set that will add bags of character to any living room.

The cabinetmakers we use in the USA and throughout the Far East are mostly craftsman by caste, furniture making has been in their family tradition for generations. They are truly skilled and can turn their hand to anything the design team can throw at them!

Items are checked at each stage of the production from the log through to cutting process, cabinet making and dispatch. The timber is kiln dried for a time specific to the thickness of the particular plank to remove excess moisture. Chemical treatment provided by SMR Company and fumigation kills any pests or vermin.

Our quality control inspectors are trained to achieve the highest standards and nothing less. Each piece is checked individually before being packaged securely for transport.

Our cabinet ranges are made of quality solid wood, even drawers and shelves are made from 100% hardwood. We do not substitute for cheaper wood, which gives an increased risk of shrinkage. We have created wood pipes in our amazing collection for glass pipes. Check out here!

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